Lilja Bloom


Lilja Bloom sees herself as an interdisciplinary artist and doesn’t play to genres when comes to her art. The multi-talent has an excitingly broad media portfolio, which ranges from music, design and painting projects. Creativity has been a central part of her life since very early on. Intensive exploration of music and painting was followed by work in fashion and the creation of her own fashion label, as well many years in graphic design.
Lilja Bloom has been working creatively with world-famous DJ and producer Parov Stelar for many years. She is an ever-present influence and inspiration for Parov Stelar, with her designs and cover art on many of his records, her voice on multiple tracks, and her presence in music videos.
Travelling is a key inspiration for Lillja Bloom. The artist has had long and multiple stays in Asia, South and Central America, where she put on various exhibitions and displays of her art. She now gains her inspirations through travelling between her two family homes in Spain and Austria, gaining energy and inspiration from the physical and intellectual freedom she possesses.