Zhuang Hong Yi

Chinese, b. 1962

Zhuang Hong Yi is a contemporary Chinese artist, best known for his lush, layered “flowerbed” paintings created by folding countless pieces of painted rice paper into tiny blossoms. Born in Shichuan, China on May 22, 1962, Zhuang went on to study at the SiChuan College of Fine Arts in China and the Academy Minverva in the Netherlands. He makes his work with many traditional Chinese materials, including ink, rice paper, porcelain, and wood. About his work, “you see the flowers, it’s like you are looking at them from the sky,” Zhuang has said. “And when you see flower fields in Holland, you cannot forget about it. I told myself I had to reproduce it… for me, it’s like meditation.” His work has been the subject of solo exhibitions at Keszler Gallery in New York, Seasons Gallery in Den Haag, and Gallery Krijger Katwijk in Amsterdam, among others. The artist currently lives and works in the Netherlands and Beijing, China.