Toni Sanchez

Spanish, b. 1965

Born in Valencia, he studied at the Faculty of Law in Valencia. After several years he abandoned his studies and changed radically to the School of Arts and Crafts to study Graphic Design for Advertising.

Always open to all kinds of changes, he accepts a singular job offer and lives in the USA, travelling for years all over the world in an international music production. During his stay in the USA, he discovers American culture. He was fascinated by pop art and the lifestyle of the 50s and 60s, and took advantage of his travels on tour to admire the stellar works of pop art in various parts of the world and to analyse them intensively.

After this stage, he returned to his native Valencia, where he combined his varied work with painting, focusing on the pop-art style, and specifically on the Benday dot technique, obsessing over perfecting it to the maximum.

The activity in his life is very intense so far, but he is always looking for a space to paint in bigger and bigger formats, adding complexity to his painting. His art is 100% “made in Valencia”.