Rubén Martín de Lucas

Spanish, b. 1977

Rubén Martín de Lucas began his solo career developing a body of work whose focus is, what the artist calls: “landscape and associated behavior”. Under this heading there is a discursive line that questions the behavior of humanity and its links with the territory, studying in his projects subjects as the gradual reduction of space for wildlife in “The Naked Trace“, the overpopulation in “Genesis 1.28”, the arti cial character of the borders in ”Minimal Republics”, the liquid nature of the concept of nation in “Iceberg Nations” or the dichotomy between industrial agriculture and natural agriculture in “The garden of Fukuoka”. His work enjoys international influence and strong institutional recognition. In Martin de Lucas’s work, we’re never far from performance. With a gesture without calculation, the artist saves his works and offers an inverted mirror to our world under control.