Ramona Russu


Ramona Russu is a romanian-born artist currently living in France. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Arts in Brussels she spent several years travelling and creating around the world. In 2014 she settled down in France where she continues to cultivate her unique aesthetic. Ramona’s works combine her admiration for the female silhouette with her passion for graphic line work and monochrome aesthetic. In her art these elements get together and tell different stories in a surreal, graphic and poetic style. Her artworks have been featured in Forbes, Art & Décoration, Harper’s Bazaar and Saatchi Fall Catalog and are present in various private collections around the world. In 2019 Ramona’s works have been selected to represent The Annual Fall Gallery Walk in Chicago on FOX News. In 2020 she has been selected to exhibit at the Contemporary Art Biennale in Florence in 2021.