Paul Snell


Paul Snell is a visual artist that studied a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in the University of Tasmania in 1989, and later completed a Master of Creative Arts. His artworks consist in stylized lines to create patterns that are repeated, overlapped, and rearranged.  His pieces are refined and sophisticated, and highly influenced by Optical Art, geometric painting, and contemporary abstraction. His works are completely non-figurative, as they are no signs of reference like traditional objects, signs, or characters. Snell favours no apparent narrative or subject, to keep his work as open to interpretation as possible. Colour is one of the most important features in his artworks, as he uses contrasting tones to create a rhythm accentuated by the clear patterns of his compositions. He often uses Lambda prints mounted on Plexiglas, as this technique allows him to enhance the colours, and make cleaner lines.