Martha Scheeren

Martha Scheeren began painting at a very early age. With the first gift of oil paint, she received as a child, she immediately began to try out the effect of different colours on a small panel. Her paintings capture the filtered light that fills the spaces. Applied in multiple layers, the paint has the effect of making them radiate an inner glow, which is diffused by natural light. As a result, the spatiality of the work is noticeably present between the viewer and the painting. Their position in abstract painting is independent, because when we look at them, they do not provide us with a meaningful explanation of their character, but we come to a natural acceptance of their elusive visual form. The materiality of her canvases and the methodical way of working that allows us to rationally analyse the construction of each canvas are dominated by this peculiarity. She has created many paintings in which she has used sand and stones to give relief to the materiality of the base. This gives the painting a three-dimensional effect. Despite the sandy, stony base, Martha Scheeren’s works are not based on earth, ash or other earthy substances. Their materiality essentially has the effect of producing a sensation of colour, experienced in the light of space.