Joshua Avery Webster


As the son of a contemporary abstract painter from New York’s Hudson valley, Joshua Avery Webster has been involved with art and artists throughout his life. Webster’s own work as an artist, however, began later in life, after he had already established himself as an architect and graphic designer. Drawing on his professional background and inspired by the work of the mid-century color field artists, Webster’s work explores the interplay of form, color, and texture on the canvas. He aims to create novel visual experiences that evoke excitement and emotion for their viewers without straying from the language of abstraction. Webster has shown his work at Manhattan House, among others, and has a number of works in private collections. He currently lives and works in Newark, NJ. Gathering strength from his color field foundations, Joshua Avery Webster seamlessly merges pigment and texture. His attention to layering heightens his affinity for color. In his most recent work, Webster has been experimenting more with loose gestures and multidimensionality.