Ivan Montaña

Spanish, b. 1975

Born into a multifaceted family where culture and art have always been present through literature, music, sculpture, painting and fashion.
He studied at ELISAVA, School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona. At the age of 21 he made his first performance, “Conformist without Reflection”, and his first solo exhibi- tion at the age of 23, “The Spanish Sun”, in 1998, since then he has not stopped exhibiting all over the world.

“Adults are rude children. Education, the importance of children’s literature, bedtime stories are the symbol of values, of intellectual freedom and dreams to be achieved, that is what my painting is about, imagination, closely linked to metaphorical thought, to the awareness of emotions and abstraction, of poetics, of love and heartbreak, of dancing rumba, of partying, of telling and explaining in order to understand life and to investigate the depths of the living freedom of expression.

I believe that it is very necessary to learn, among other things, to fly, or at least to try to do so.”