Cevin Parker

German, b

Berlin-based artist Cevin Parker developed his own spray technique and uses it to create expressive, freely floating clouds of color, from which pasty raindrops make their way across the canvas. Growing up among gray, desolate concrete, the radiant colors are essential in his works. His works are not only a synthesis of contrast and contradiction, but at the same time reflect his attitude towards life: to see the colors, the beauty and the positive even in the biggest, darkest clouds or strongest thunderstorms. In his more recent works, he continues to explore the positivity in the negativity, trying to find the calm in the chaos. Thus his works reference become their own spaces of thought and action, oscillating between light and darkness, human existence and allegorical, abstracted nature. Through the game of chance and planning, in which the color palette varies continuously while maintaining the same dynamics, the works evoke various associations. From the poetic to the dangerous, from the aesthetic to the reflective.