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Founded in 1913 by Mario Prada and his brother Martino, as small family-owned leather shop in Milan, Italy, Prada has now been known as one of the ultimate luxury brand on the market. In 1978, after a decline of Prada’s success during the early 1970s, the granddaughter of Mario, Miuccia, took charge of the business. She has since then been the Creative Director of Prada, making it become synonymous with high-minded bohemian luxury fashion. Prada is especially known for their nylon handbag collection they released in 1984. These handbags were made from Pocono nylon, a material used for military tents. Making the handbags extremely durable. Thanks to Miuccia’s forward thinking ideas and the initiative of using unusual materials, Prada became a well-known luxury brand by the 1990s, despite the glitter-laden and sex-heavy 1980s.

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